Friday, January 6, 2012

"I Don't Envy You."

   Those were the words I heard yesterday at the chiropractor's office about me having three children.  My reply was, "Hey, it is fun."  Ok, it is not always fun being a mom with three little ones, but I would not want my life to be any different.  I cannot imagine how life would be without my three gifts.  "Gifts?" you say.  Yes, gifts.  That is what the Bible calls them.  Well, those are not the exact words.  The passage that comes my mind is Psalm 127:3-5:

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his REWARD.
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.
Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them.

   I love my three children, and I want to have a lot more (if the Lord wills).  So many people cannot wait for their children to go up because they so much work when they are little.  I look back on different stages of my children's lives and often wish they could stay little.  They say the cutest things, they love to cuddle, and their energy for life is amazing.  I look forward to each stage of their growing up, and I cannot wait to see what they will grow up to be.

Here are my three blessings!!

  Don't know if this all makes sense, but it has been burning on my heart ever since I heard those words.  I could say those back to the person that said them, but  it would be that I do not envy their view of children!  


  1. I heard a lot of rude things, starting after the birth of #3. People would say, "Why are you having more, you have the perfect family, 1 boy and 1 girl?" I also had strangers ask me if I knew about birth control, how I could stand my kids, how I could afford my kids,if I planned them, blah, blah, blah.

    I always replied back the same way you did, with an affirmation of how much I loved my kids. If they said something like, "I'm glad it's you, not me" I would gently answer, "I'm glad, too, because I always wanted a lot of kids."

    If they said, "Are they ALL yours?" I would say, "Yes, aren't I blessed! Children are a blessing from the Lord and I am very blessed."

    By answering the way you did, with the joy in your heart, you might not change her view, but you gave a great testimony to others and to your kids.

    Praying for you, sweetie!

  2. I have also heard my share of "I'm glad it's you and not me!" to which I always reply, "I'm glad it's me, too!!" The person just stands there a second, trying to figure out if they have just been insulted!! :o) I just would have answered the chiropractor with, "I am a very blessed lady!"

  3. Can't wait to see your three blessings! Thanks for the good post.

  4. It's sad all the negative comments people can have
    about motherhood and children...good post!