Friday, March 2, 2012

North Dakota Trip!

Life has been kind of crazy this last month!  We went North Dakota for almost three weeks and stayed at Mom and Dad Brainard's house.  We had a great time.  I've got pictures to prove it

They LOVED the stairs.

Here Ivan is going head first down the steps
 Carl on the steps

The first Sunday it was warm so we took them to Heimdal Park.

Carl on one the jumping toys!

Ursula at the park!

Ivan hanging upside down!

Carl's favorite "toys" were the water jugs and crates!

Ivan LOVED the trees.

While Ivan was outside climbing trees, this is what Ursula was doing.

Grandma took the kids ice skating.  I took pictures and took care of Carl.  I cannot skate otherwise I would have been out there!

Carl in the van!

Grandma made play dough and the kids spent a bit of time playing with it!

Ivan and Ursula in a tree!

 A random picture of Carl that Ivan took!

We had a very refreshing time (not sure if Grandpa and Grandma did).  I felt spoiled as I just had to take care of the kids and do our laundry.   The kids had a great time and did not want to come home.  But I think once we got home they were happy to be there.  Especially Carl.  We walked in the house and sat down in a chair and he looks around with the biggest smile.

That's all for now!


  1. thanks for all the pictures. even if it wouldn't be called refreshing i'm sure grandpa and grandma really enjoued the kiddos!

  2. sorry this is lydia not emily

  3. That was a nice picture that Ivan took. Good job!!