Thursday, September 5, 2013

Well, here it is the beginning of September and I am writing for the first time this year!!

Life has been crazy here.  Josiah had a bit of training this summer with the National Guard and now I have started school with Ivan and Ursula.  They are both doing 1st grade, and are doing very well.  It is amazing how much they have learned in the little time that we have been doing it.  I LOVE watching them learn and I LOVE being their teacher.  Ursula learned how to spell and write her own name today and she was excited beyond words.  It was WONDERFUL!!

Josiah and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this year.  I cannot believe that it was that long ago.  But it has gone fast and I love and respect him more now then ever.  It is hard when he has to go away for training.  I keep thinking that it will get easier, but it hasn't.

I am 28 weeks pregnant with our fourth child.  This pregnancy has gone by faster.  I guess I have so much to keep me busy with my other children, my husband and my household.  But I love them all and we all cannot wait to meet this little one.  The kids love kissing my belly and feeling the baby move.  This baby has been up in my ribs more then the other ones which makes for a bit of discomfort.  I have been seeing the same midwife that we used with the other three and so far things have been going well.  I have been dealing with some other issues that aren't related to the pregnancy, but baby seems healthy.  Moves a lot and is definitely growing!!  :)

I have been busy trying to get some meals and other foods in the freezer for when the baby comes because I know how hectic things can be with a new baby around.  I have always had some one come for a couple weeks after I have a baby, but haven't found any one yet, so I want to be prepared.  If you all could keep that in your prayers, I would appreciate it.  I would really like a young Christian girl to come and help for the first few weeks afterwards.  It would just be a huge blessing and a burden off my shoulders.

God has been ever faithful to us in all our ups and downs.  There have been times that I did not know how or what to do and so I would just have to lay it and his feet and say, "not my will, but yours be done.  You know what I want, but you also know what I can handle.  Do what is best."

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