Thursday, October 17, 2013

The past week in our lives!

  The past week has been one busy week.  We went to Keith Daniel meetings every night this weekend, which meant the kids did not get to sleep until way later than their normal time, which is making them pretty crabby and tired this week.  Trying to get school done has been very trying.  They are having a hard time concentrating, and then I have been tired, so I have a hard time concentrating on helping them.
  Then early Sunday morning we get a knock on our door from the cops telling us that our vehicles parked on the street had been hit.  Turns out someone hit Josiah's truck going fast enough that it made the truck crash into the back of the van. (They left the scene).  The van was totalled, and Josiah's poor truck will need a bit of work.

   Josiah's best friend, Ben, left his truck here while he is going to training to be in the Navy, so Josiah has been using that to get to work.
  We got a call on Sunday night from the PD saying they found the guy and he did have insurance, for which we were very thankful.
    God has been good to us through all this.  We are SO thankful that NO one was injured and that it was just stuff (important stuff) that was lost.  We still have each other and our children.
  Other happenings around here.  The kids got colds and poor Carl has not slept well the last two nights.  On Tuesday night he woke up and could not breathe.  I ended up taking him outside and he finally relaxed enough to catch his breath.  He seemed somewhat better yesterday, but last night he woke up every 10 to 15 minutes and I had to pat him back to sleep.  So I am wiped out.
  Josiah's sister Lydia, and her husband surprised us with a visit.  She came over for a few hours yesterday and hung it.  It was very fun, especially getting to see our niece, Jubilee.
  I am 34 weeks pregnant today.  I cannot believe that I only have 6 weeks left if I go to my due date, and only 4 1/2 to 5 weeks left if this baby comes early like the others did.  So exciting, but yet scary.  I do not feel prepared, but I am anxious because at this point I am very uncomfortable and tired.  We cannot wait to meet this little guy/gal.  We have finally come up with a boys name so I feel much better in that area.
  Well, enough of my rambling.
  God bless!!!

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